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With the downturn in the IT industry, employers are getting hundreds of resumes for new job openings. The use of technical interviews and online assessment tools in screening job applicants is becoming very popular in the IT job market, and companies offering IT skills assessment solutions are emerging in the marketplace. The IBM XML Certification Exam is more difficult and complex than most of the tests or questionnaires used to hire new employees and contractors. By preparing to pass the IBM XML Certification Exam, you will gain the knowledge required to score high at your next interview and get the job you deserve. Question 1 (Information Modeling) Which of the following is the best method for preventing any derivation-by-restriction from being used in place of the Message type? A. more)

XML Certification Quizzer

In this month's "XML Certification Quizzer," we are going to review some interesting aspects of the syntax of XML and related technologies. You can learn more about the syntax of the language by running the sample code in the questions with an XML parser or an XSLT processor. The skills you'll learn here will prepare you for IBM Test 141 on XML and related technologies. Question 1 (Information Modeling) Which of the following XML documents is well-formed? A. "> %ent; ]> B. ]> C. "> ]> %ent; Select one answer. Explanation: Choice A is the correct answer. The parameter entity refere... (more)

XML Certification Quizzer

This column has two objectives. The first is to help you prepare for IBM Test 141 on XML and related technologies. The second is to help you learn XML by offering tips for designing and optimizing XML solutions. The first question in your mind is probably: Why should I get XML certified? There are three simple answers to that question. First, exam preparation brings discipline and rigor to the process of learning XML and the very large collection of related specifications. Second, there is no doubt that being XML certified will make you more competitive in today's tight IT job mar... (more)

XML Certification Quizzer

Last month's column introduced you to the exam objectives for IBM Test 141 on XML and Related Technologies. This installment will present five more questions from the five different exam objectives. It can be used as a learning tool for people who are new to XML. If you are preparing for the exam, the article will help you review key concepts. Question 1 (XML Processing) Which of the following XSLT elements sets the value of a variable x to the literal string value "a"? A. B. C. more)